We want you to have every opportunity to get rooted in our church and grow!

We’ve developed our “Rooted” classes as a 4-week track to help you move from being a church-goer to someone growing in your walk with Jesus.


Week 1: In the first session, we cover the basics of belief and being part of a Church. Through guidance on membership, a look at church government and style, and walking step by step through our core doctrines, you will be able to get a good footing on what NORTHIRON looks like as a Church.


Week 2: In the second session, we will dive deep into who you are as an individual. Your design and identity in Christ are key to understanding what He has done for you and what part you play in our Church. We also take a look at different personality types, to help us better understand our personal strengths and weaknesses.


Week 3: After we discover your design, we will look at how you can develop as a follower of Jesus in the Church. Fellowship, discipleship, and spiritual gifts are three huge parts of the development of any Christian. We will use this session to take a spiritual gift assessment test and outline how the different gifts operate in the Church.


Week 4: All our small group leaders and staff will attend this last session to introduce themselves and meet you. This will give you a chance to see what groups and studies are meeting, find opportunities where you can plug in and serve, and meet people you can connect with to form small biblical communities within our Church.